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A must have in your outdoor living space is a professional area heater. We have a full line of professional heaters to serve your outdoor needs. Choosing the right heater can make the difference in comfort and design.

Please contact us at (949) 367-0733 for assistance in choosing the right heater and special pricing.

Patio Comfort Heaters:                                      Model #:                            List:                            Our Price:

Patio Comfort LP SS                                                                          PC02SS                                              $629.00                                      $569.00

Patio Comfort LP Antique Bronze / SS head                                     PC02AB                                              $519.00                                      $469.00

Patio Comfort LP Vintage series / SS head                                       C02CAB                                              $799.00                                      $719.00

22" round table attachment for Vintage ONLY                                   CAB22T                                              $59.00                                        $53.00

5 Gallon Propane Tank with OPD (empty)                                         OPD QCV                                           $69.00                                        $55.00

Patio Comfort NG SS Heater / 12' hose and shut-off                        NPC05 SS                                           $739.99                                      $669.00

Patio Comfort NG Antique Bronze / 12' hose and shut-off                NPC05 AB                                           $639.00                                      $579.00

Patio Comfort Permanent SS                                                            NPC05 SPP                                         $699.00                                      $629.00

Patio Comfort Vinyl Reflector & Heater Cover                                  PCCVR                                                $29.00                                        $26.00                         

Infratec Heaters:                                                     Model #:                          List:                           Our Price:

Infratec 39" SS 2500 watt single element unit  / 10.4 amp / 240v.          W2524SS                                        $529.00                                   $479.00

Infratec 61.25" SS 3000 watt single element unit / 12.5 amp / 240v.      W3024SS                                        $599.00                                   $539.00

Infratec 61.25" SS 4000 watt single element unit / 16.7 amp / 240v.      W4024SS                                        $619.00                                   $549.00

Infratec 33" dual element SS 3000w / 12.5a / 240v                                WD3024SS                                      $619.00                                   $559.00

Infratec 39" dual element SS 4000w / 16.7a / 240v                                WD4024SS                                      $619.00                                   $559.00

Infratec 61.25" dual element SS 6000w / 25a / 240v                              WD6024SS                                      $729.00                                   $659.00


All above Infratec heating units are sold seperately.

It will be necessary to have Infratec controls. Once you have chosen the heater best for your outdoor needs, we can direct you to the best paired controller for that system. Please feel free to call us for any info necessary to make the right Infratec Heater choice.

Infratec Heaters need a seperate 240 volt run from the main electrical panel, and may need multiple breakers dependant on the number and size of the heaters you choose. A licensed electrician will be needed to install Infratec heaters. Check with your city to see if proper permits will be needed.

Ambiance Fire Features:                                        Model #:                          List:                           Our Price:

Ambiance SS / LP                                                                                     PC14SS                                          $629.00                                     $529.00

Ambiance Antique Bronze / LP                                                                 PC14AB                                          $579.00                                     $519.00

5 Gallon Propane Tank (empty) with OPD                                                OPD QCV                                       $69.00                                       $55.00